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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on parenteral #antiplatelet therapy in #neurovascular interventions. Our expert author is Fawaz Al-Mufti MD @almuftifawaz, interventional #neurologist Interventional Neurologist @nymedcollege @WestchesterMed @neurocritical @svinsociety

2) This program is intended for #healthcare providers & is accredited for 0.5h CE/#CME for #physicians #PhysicianAssociate #nursepractitioner #nurse #pharmacists and is supported by educational grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, and Chiesi.

3) Be sure to see prior tweetorials on #antiplatelet management, still available for credit, at Faculty disclosures are listed at

4) Pretreatment with dual antiplatelet therapy #DAPT is recommended to⬇️incidences of both ischemic &hemorrhagic complications in #neurovascular interventions.

5) Data are limited, however, re the optimal timing, dose, and duration of treatment for #carotid artery #angioplasty with stenting #CAS, especially in emergent stenting for complete or near complete occlusion of the internal carotid #ICA.

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6) So let’s consider a case that illustrates this. An octogenarian ♂️ with HTN/HLD/CAD presents with severe dysarthria, L homonymous hemianopia. Flaccid L sided face/arm/leg hemiparesis, and profound neglect.
Last know normal=8 hours ago. Baseline mRS=0.
Stroke Code is called.

7) Time is brain!

8) An #NIH #StrokeScale is calculated on this gentleman. (It takes practice, but there’s a handy calculator available at
It’s not good–22.

9) So we must assemble the #stroketeam. #Neurology & #EmergencyMedicine are on the ⏰to plan an immediate treatment approach. CODE BAT (Brain ATTACK)

10) Gather data:
VS: BP 180/102, HR 85, RR 18, T 98.6
LABS: Glucose 110 mg/dL, Labs pending
EKG: EKG not done yet, but normal sinus rhythm on monitor

Ekg Heart Rate GIF

11) Gather more data:
CTH : No ICH, Dense MCA sign, ASPECT 6
CTA : High grade right Internal Carotid Artery stenosis and M1 segment MCA Occlusion
CTP : >160cc of salvageable brain tissue ( #Tmax >6seconds) and 40cc of core (Cerebral Blood Flow #CBF<30)

12) Tandem occlusion, near complete occlusion of the ICA with a type 3 arch? Piece of 🍰, right?
Nope . . gulp . . . call the #neuroangio team in…..

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13) OK, warning: this is NOT a pretty picture. #DSA demonstrates near complete occlusion.
Left ICA is out at the origin with minimal collateral flow from the posterior circulation via a posterior communicator.

15) So IRL, #angioplasty is performed, but attempts to cross the lesion following angioplasty were also unsuccessful ➡️decision made to perform acute stenting
You never give up!

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18) Welcome back! We are learning about IV #P2Y12i in neurovascular intervention from expert author @almuftifawaz. Did u answer the quiz in tweet 17? If not, scroll⤴️& COMMIT before moving onward!👏to @PascalJabbourMD @caseyalbin @WBrinjikji @AmeerEHassan @elghanemmoh @CamStroke

19) It’s B. #Antiplatelets are needed here.

20) Decision is made to go with IV #cangrelor:
– Potent, IV, #P2Y12i, a nonthienopyridine adenosine analog that does not require metabolic activation
– Onset w/in 2 minutes
– T1/2 3–6 min
– Platelet activity returns to normal within 60 min after discontinuation of the infusion

21) There’s an excellent result after carotid stenting under platelet inhibition:

22) Cangrelor is approved by @US_FDA as an adjunct therapy for patients undergoing #PCI. Use in #neuroendovascular procedures has been extrapolated from smaller trials. Cortez et al ( n=66 pts who underwent acute intervention & received cangrelor.

23) Pts were divided into 2 groups: ischemic (42) and aneurysm (24). Periprocedural thromboembolic events, hemorrhagic complications, & outcomes analyzed. Ischemic group periprocedural symptomatic complication rate was 9.5%, mortality was 2.4%. In the aneurysm group ….

24) … 4.2% had a periprocedural complication during or after cangrelor infusion, & favorable clinical outcome was seen in 56.2% & 87.7% of ruptured and unruptured aneurysms, respectively, at discharge.

25) A meta-analysis by Marnat et al ( n=171 pts who received cangrelor as rescue strategy for refractory intracranial occlusion with or without intracranial rescue stent placement, & cervical carotid artery stent placement for cervical occlusion …

26) … (tandem occlusion or isolated cervical carotid occlusion). In all, symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage occurred in 8.6% of pts & there was favorable outcome in 47.6% of patients. 90-day mortality was 22.6% & there was Day 1 artery patency in 89.7%.

29) There are limited data, but best option is B, start #DAPT within 6h, after confirming no hemorrhagic transformation.

30) Following the endovascular thrombectomy of the M1 MCA occlusion, stenting is performed with TICI 3 recanalization.

31) Check back here soon for an animation of what we did

32) Next, endovascular thrombectomy of the M1 MCA occlusion was performed with the same excellent result–TICI 3 recanalization

33) Postprocedurally the IV regimen can be converted to an oral regimen within 24 hours. Coadministration of aspirin, an irreversible COX-1 inhibitor, & a #P2Y12i–best to use #ticagrelor after #cangrelor, is advised. See 🔓

34) Remember that the multi-societal consensus document states that a P2Y12i should be continued for at least 30 days, and aspirin should be continued indefinitely. This has become the standard perioperative antiplatelet therapy. 🔓

35) Our patient–who started off with that frightening CT imaging–recovered in the ICU and then in the stroke unit. NIHSS was 4⃣on discharge to acute rehabilitation.

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36) The take-home lesson: Cangrelor may be a feasible alternative for patients requiring immediate neurointervention w/ endoluminal devices. It also fosters secure transition to long-term ticagrelor & progression to surgery in the setting of unexpected complications.

37) #Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor antagonists may be used in similar settings. There have been no head-to-head trials, and neither approach is on label per @US_FDA.

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