Cardiometabolic Medicine

The need for consistent updates and agile content is imperative for today’s clinician to remain current on the continuum of scientific data. In no therapeutic area is this more essential than in “Cardiometabolic Medicine,” a new term meant to encompass the interconnected and debilitating diagnoses of diabetes mellitus, heart failure, coronary artery disease/acute coronary syndrome, progressive renal insufficiency, and related disorders such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperkalemia.  These areas are subject to frequent pivotal trial publications, guidelines updates, FDA action, and outcomes assessments.  

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"Estimating the lifetime risk of MI, stroke or CV death, using the LIFEtime-perspective model for individualizing CVD prevention strategies in apparently healthy people, yielded similar results in moderate and high CV risk classes." This is the rationale for identifying . . . has new tweetorials:

@cardiomet_CE: management of DKD by primary care
@iamnephrologist: review of loop diuretics
@arvindcanchi: the Indian caregiver in CKD (very well done)
@TheBeaniac: Fe-deficiency Anemia in CKD

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